Monday, October 19, 2009

A Very Special Doll

Once a year I typically try to get a special doll done for my birthday. Well this year was an OOAK by Ping Lau. You can view her work here.

My little girl is around 12 inches tall and wearing my favorite color. She didn't come with shoes, but I found some sandals that would fit her. Another request was that she would be holding a doll. Here are some pictures of her. Can you see any resemblance to my daughter?

I belong to an online doll club called We Love Black Dolls. Our club doll for 2008 just happened to be one from Ping Lau but done in resin. My special girl this year was done in clay. They display really well together. Here is my girl displayed with our club doll Zahara.

Stay tuned to see what my special doll will be for next year. I think I already have in mind what she will be.



  1. She's beautiful Nay! I know Lil Mama loves her!

  2. Thank you! She loves all my dolls! She brought up again this morning that she is going to get all my dolls when I die. Then she would have lots of dolls. She thinks she has a thousand dolls. I told her she wasn't even close. She seemed sad about it. I then said you are only 6. You have plenty of time to get to 1000 dolls. LOL!! I believe in quality and not necessarily quantity, but wonder if I will ever have 1000 dolls in my lifetime. LOL!

  3. Uncanny how that doll resembles your daughter, Renee. Neat!