Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Experiences

This past weekend I attended the Lady Baltimore Doll Show. I was accompanied by my daughter, Lil Mama, and her "little sister," Corey. They have been classmates for the past three years. Lil Mama has been to several doll shows, but this was Corey's first time. The girls were treated like royalty since they happened to be the only kids there. They were each given a doll and Lil Mama also received a bear from a vendor. They also got to load up on lots of candy at the different tables. I even won a door prize!

Both girls were very excited in viewing each table. They would ooooooohhhhhh and ahhhhhhhh each time they saw a doll that they liked. I think Corey's excitement rubbed off on Lil Mama, and they just had a ball together. Corey has told her mother in the past that she needs to have a wall of dolls like I do. Well the day after the show she was still telling her mother that she needed dolls, and talking excitedly about the doll show.

It's a wonderful thing to expose kids to new experiences. They may not love every event you go to, but you never know til you try. So why not try taking your kids or even grandkids to a new place or an event. Whether it's a museum, an off broadway or broadway show, a new park, the lake or beach, or even something as simple as trying a new restaurant. Those experiences will help encourage them to try new things.

Keep trying new things and have fun!



  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Corey sounds like a doll collector in the making!

  2. I think Corey is definitely a doll collector in the making.