Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Organization Is Key To Lots of Activities

This fall Lil Mama is involved in three activities. Awana(a Christ-centered youth program), gymnastics and swimming. All three of these activities were to start upon the return from Hawaii. She has been to two Awana meetings and has earned the right to buy her vest and handbook by reciting John 3:16. We missed the first gymnastics class because there was an accident and I didn't pick up Lil Mama until the start time of the class. Gymnastics is 25 minutes away, so she didn't start that until last week. Swimming started this past weekend....or so I thought. When I looked at the schedule of the class, I had it in my mind that this past weekend was the start date. It didn't matter that the dates didn't coincide with that. So we arrived at swimming at the YMCA. Her old camp counselor was at the front desk and I asked her where did we need to go. She said it doesn't start til next weekend. The light bulb goes on, and I let out a groan. A groan not only because I was there on the wrong day, but because I had gone early to pick Lil Mama up from my sister's where she had spent the night. Lil Mama was not ready to leave and she could have actually stayed there longer. At that point her old counselor said to just go into the class, and that the instructor wouldn't mind. Thank God!! Lil Mama was thrilled that she got a ribbon for completing the class, even though she was only there one day.

After all of that Lil Mama's day was not done. She had to go home and then get ready to go to a Zeta Phi Beta function with my girlfriend and her daughter. My mother told me that Lil Mama has a better social life than I do. LOL!

She may possibly be in four activities for a short time in the spring. Pray for me please!! As you can see organization is certainly needed to keep track of all the activities.


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