Thursday, October 1, 2009

Feels Like Christmas

Are you an online shopper like me? Do you love opening your packages when you receive them in the mail? Do you sit and watch for that brown truck to come around the corner, when you are waiting for something special? Well I love getting packages in the mail. The excitement of opening the box is like opening a box at Christmas, except you know what you are getting. As a doll collector, I tend to get a lot of my items on eBay. I like winning but don't like having to wait til the end of the auction to bid. I want instant gratification. I recently read a blog by Debbie Garrett about the dolls by Wendy Frank. After reading it, I NEEDED to get one of her dolls. I found two on eBay at the time. One caught my attention, and the waiting began til the end of the auction. With 30 seconds left to go, I placed my bid and 30 seconds later I had won the auction. I am soon to have in my collection an Aboriginal OOAK by Wendy Frank - Birthday Girl 09/09/09. Thanks to Wendy I am posting the pictures from the auction.

Isn't she adorable? Here is the information on how she was made from her auction.

"A brief description

I start with a mould of the face, which is then cast with a composition of paper mache & hardening products, After many hours drying a material is stretched, manipulated and glued to the face. (Using waterproof glues) The head is then hand sewn up the back & stuffed with Synthetic Filler.

Once this is done the time consuming painting of the face begins, some faces are completely painted and then detailed but others have the features painted only. Many layers are applied to create the unique and beautiful colouring of the aborigine and great care is taken to do this beautiful face justice.

The body is made with cotton material and filled with same fill as head. Fingers & toes are hand stitched to make them more real & each doll is signed, named & numbered, most Wendy Frank dolls are one of a kind (OOAK) In which case this is written on the back of the doll, not numbered.

Clothes are designed, made & sometimes painted by Wendy & each is unique.

Wendy Frank Dolls are Proudly Australian Made"

Please make sure to check out Wendy's website. I will post more pictures once I receive her.




  1. Aw, she's cute. Shrink her to 1:6 scale and I would consider her ;-D . Considering ....

  2. LOL!! I wonder how she would look then? 1/6 scale aboriginal doll would be pretty, I think.

  3. I'm glad you are the winner of Wendy's Birthday Girl. I saw her before she was placed on eBay. Had I not already owned two of Wendy's 17-inch girls, the Birthday Girl would have been MINE... MINE... do you hear me? LOL! But, realizing that my two will do (for now, at least), I was able to resist the "buy me" whispers from the Birthday Girl. Congrats again! You'll love her. I purchased two size B straddle stands from Juju's Mall ( for my girls.

  4. Thanks! I have not been so anxious for an auction to end in soooooooooo long! Thanks for the heads up on the stand as well.

  5. A 1/6 scale aboriginal doll would be cute. Especially with side-glancing eyes and an impish air like your doll :-D

    Congrats on your winning that auction.