Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am pretty sure all of you have heard the coined phrase "winning" by Charlie Sheen. If you are on twitter, #winning has been used a lot in reference to tangible or intangible items. Well I want to use it for a tangible item. I've recently been trying to enter giveaways and sweepstakes, at the small chance that I may be a winner!!! Imagine my surprise when trying to clean out my unread emails that I had won a $50 gift card to Igigi. Igigi is a contemporary designer of plus size clothing. I have always admired their clothes, but because of the price of their clothes, haven't been able to shop there as much as I want to.

I was thankful to find out that I won when I did(almost a week later), since they were having a sale for 20% off their dresses. So the gift card plus the discount actually made the dress I had my eye on affordable. The word is "winning!"

So now I wait for it to arrive and see if they match my shoes that I love. Hmmmm....I can only claim the responsibility on why my daughter is a little fashionista. She loves to match up clothes with shoes as much as I do! So what do you guys think of the shoes? Do I have a match?

"A woman truly feels beautiful when she recognizes that she is exquisite the way she already is: a wonderful, unique, and exceptional individual." ~ Yuliya Raquel. Well I have certainly be inspired to keep on entering and maybe, just maybe, I'll keep on "winning." Til the next time.....


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  1. Looks like a pretty good match!

  2. Is that you in the outfit? Gorgeous!

    And how can I not follow another Renee?


  3. LOL!! Thank you!! That's not me in the outfit, but I hope to be in that outfit soon. The shoes didn't match so I have to find something else.