Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it really 2012???

Well I can't believe it's been over two years since my last blog! I hope everyone had wonderful Christmas, and brought the New Year in with a bang. I have decided in the New Year to try actively blogging again. So I am going to try and give updates now and again about what's been going on in the past two years. My lil mama is now nine going on thirty. If you had been following my blog you would know that I was considering whether or not to transition to public school. I am happy to say that transition was made last year and she is blossoming. My fashionista loves the fact that she doesn't have to wear uniforms anymore. Clothes, clothes and more clothes.....

Remember when it was dolls, dolls and more dolls........Well neither of us are actively collecting anymore. I still enjoy looking at them, but have been focusing my attention elsewhere. Nothing has really tugged at my heartstrings enough lately, for me to purchase one. That of course could still change. Lil mama normally buys me a Byron Lars barbie for Christmas, but I was just not feeling this year's doll. I am certainly enjoying the Michael Kors Gold perfume she gave me instead. It smells divine!

On another note, one of my goals this year is to begin using coupons more often. So if I find some worth sharing, I will be more than willing to share here. A friend of mine had told me over Thanksgiving that I need to make sure that any nail polish I let lil mama use is free of formaldehyde. I just happen to come across a brand of nail polish called Zoya. Lil Mama and I are hooked because of all the beautiful colors they have. I was able to get several during their flash deals leading up to Christmas. They now are offering a great deal where you get two nail polishes free, and you just pay for shipping. Check it out at the blog here. The last time I got a pedicure I took my own nail polish. It saves on time too since I don't have to look through all the colors.

Well this has been kind of an eclectic blog today, but I just wanted to get back in the groove of things. If you are on twitter make sure you follow me at @MzNayLuv. It's good to be back. Til the next time.....


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