Monday, November 2, 2009

Back To School/Work Music Mondays

Well the results are in and Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" won as the best version. Thanks to everyone for voting!

Well this week I thought I would post a song from one of my favorite singers. It really hurt when I heard that he passed away. I actually got to see him in concert once. You definitely get your money's worth when seeing Luther Vandross in concert. It is hard to pick a favorite song of his because he had so many. So I've decided to post two. One of his older songs and one of his most recent. I am sure Luther will end up back on my "Back To School/Work Music Mondays," but here are the two for now.

So Amazing

I'd Rather

Have a blessed week!



  1. Luther had an amazing voice. I would choose Superstar and If Only For One Night. I sing So Amazing to my husband sometimes. I can't listen to Dance With My Father without crying.

  2. Those are all GREAT songs!!! I also like the Carpenters version of Superstar.

  3. I like The Carpenters' version of Superstar also but I always thought that she sounded a bit too happy singing that song. LOL! Luther's voice seemed to me to be full of longing and loneliness that the lyrics conveyed.

    Dance With My Father and Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton are the only songs that make me cry every.single.time that I hear them.

  4. LOL!! Karen was a bit too happy with that song. I think it's more of the beat that I liked.

    Both those songs are tearjerkers for me too.