Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Forever Young

My passion and hobby is collecting dolls. I collect mainly black dolls and as of this moment I have no true focus in my collection except they are black and they speak to my heart. A visit to my cousin Nikki at college years ago is what triggered this passion. In her room, she had this beautiful barbie displayed. I asked where she got it from, and I recall her saying she ordered her from a magazine. When we were younger we would spend hours upon hours playing with our barbies. We would watch soap operas and then re-enact the stories with the dolls. We'd style, cut, and even crimp our dolls hair. Those were fun times! Well after returning from that trip, I was on a mission to hunt that doll down. Much to my chagrin, the doll was no longer available to buy. I did eventually get her some years later, and by then there were several dolls in my collection. In the beginning, my only focus in dolls were that they were Barbie. Here is the doll that ignited the flame. This is In the Limelight by Byron Lars. Isn't she pretty?

When I got pregnant, I prayed for a healthy baby but my desire was for a girl. God granted me my wish and Lil Mama was born. She was only one month on her first Christmas, but guess what; she got the Holiday Barbie from that year. Every Christmas she gets the new Holiday Barbie. I not only collect dolls for myself, but I give her dolls that she can not only play with but are collector items as well. I am quite pleased that she shares my passion for dolls. Here is a picture that my nephew drew of her holding a doll. He is VERY talented.

It saddens me to hear of people that make fun of doll collectors. I don't quite understand what the difference is for those that collect dolls or even play video games. It's a hobby that people enjoy. Hobbies keep us young, and help give us that much needed break from our day to day lives. So if you don't have a hobby that your passionate about, go find one!! Let's always stay forever young!!


  1. Yes, your Byron Lars Barbie is lovely.

    And wow, is your nephew talented! At first, I thought that was your daughter photographed.